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hey people this is my page love it or leave but sign the damn guest book ok?

my name is becky beane, most people call me beane

i go to school in winston-salem, nc at salem college

i used to go to school in winston-salem, but i kinda failed out to make a long story short

i enrolled in a community school near dallas, tx, but i dropped out of that also

i dont have a major quite yet, maybe a double spanish/english major

my mom and step dad and 6 other siblings live in allen, texas, near dallas

i live in allen now also again, cause im a failure like that

my dad and grandparents live in detroit, michigan area

my step bros live in california, one goes to point loma, they are religious assholes

i love tattoos i am so addicted to them its nauseating, i have five of them and i love them all. i also have a tongue ring. and if you know my mother i really dont have this stuff im lying, cause mom would kill me if she knew (*WINK* *WINK*)

friends from allen that i consider like going to be friends for a long time

1. william 2. katharine 3. jenny bailey 4. ili

friends from detroit that are going to be around for a long time

1. tabby 2. tim 3. stephanie

okie friends from school that i love to out there a great many of them...

1. elizabeth (aka heavywoman) my roomie this year and also mother of my god child 2. susan (aka blackjade) my roomie next year, we are going to kick ass as usual 3. carolyn (aka lilac) our graduating senior friend :( 4. cookster 5. jaime (aka ghost) 6. jenni sue (aka kaytlynn) 7. monica (call her moe) 8. jen 9. allison 10. twineball 11. jim (yes, jim is a chick) 12. sarah evans (aka dramagirl) 13. becky (cool ass name) 14. kristy 15. mary (quite contrary) 16. amy (aka aimee) 17. dayshel (aka sugarnspice)

i miss school in nc very much and i hope i get to back and change myself....hopefully by fall of 98 ill grow up a lot

**********and i am sure i forgot people, bitch at me and i'll add you**********

okie, i'll be the first to admit i am completely addicted to chatlines...olohof and 106.5 chat (a radio station in nc)

my olohof friends.....

1. reese (old hag) 2. appy (pee head) 3. ghost (jaime from above list) 4. rappy (*BITE*) 5. smooth (gerk head...being a friend is actually debatable) 6. jenga(hes like ancient) 7. speed (bro-like person) 8. mulder (sweetie :) ) 9. dreamboy(hes a cool person...and hooked up with ghost-ie-poo) 10. maher (one day i'll be able to pronounce his damn name) 11. WF (damn it) 12. STORMSHADOW!(hot!) 13. ttg (hes ok kinda boring) 14. IGGY.POP (18 will come soon!) 15. Pianomannetje(*hug*) 16. Xia(hohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho) 17. lost.boy(get some zzzz's my babe) 18. pret(*smile*) 19. misfit(i guess hes a friend, even though he told me i suck when i'm a six) 20. jammer (the k is silent) 21. bertha (baby!) 22. chains (a li'l looney) 23. ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 24. SURFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25. tz(the wild bopper) 26. elmo (big time bro person in my internet persona) 27. wildstallion (*kiss*) 28. whokares (alan with a lowercase a) 29. beard (my BEARDY MUFFIN!) 30. LIBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (surfer's wife, shes cooler than him) 31. stuiver (HEY BABY!)



people have wasted time looking at my home page!


olohof bbs: a cool chatline for cool people like me...go ahead make a new account
topher's tribute to sillyness: damn this is an awesome site...this boy has great taste in music..he's a fellow olohofer

ok, i know i need more links and shit like that and it'll happen sometime, when i get as bored as i am right now and have nothing better to do. if you have any suggestions to good links let me know i may or may not listen to you, depends on who you are and if i like you or not.


jaime aka spookie...her senior pic

susan and monica susan is my roomie for next year, moe is a great friend

twineface and jim these two are my neighbors this semester

kristy shes a great friend and is always wanting to do something, sometimes legal, sometimes not

this is a pic of me, some may say that it is my better half, i don't know and i don't care

as soon as i figure out how to add more pics and do that shit i will, but until then, you'll live.

106.5 CHAT friends

first off i have to say that though when i am on here i hardly pay attention, every now and then i find it really amusing. i have met some people from here, have you talked to them on the phone, etc etc. its cool b/c this is a local chat and stuff...anyways heres some friends, no particular order...

WEND1065 (the producer, yes i am ass kissing so he'll play a request i make one day), woodstock (nympho), juls (smurfwoman), undertaker, BIZZIE (my polka king even if he does have a chick), phatcat (where are you?), monkey bread, matta....

ok i'm going to bed now its 4:15 in the fucking morning and i'm getting tired. so see you later, i'm outta here.

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by Lpage

salem college 475
601 s church st
winston-salem, nc 27101
united states

here you go...his is for my addy at home and the email addy at home also. plese note that this email addy is for my whole my family so you have to type my name in as the subject and make sure its censored a tad bit please...thank you.

800 rivergrove rd

allen, tx 75002

so as of the nineteenth of may i wont be online til maybe july when i start summer school, so you know...ill have major inter net withdrawal in a major way. ill be back for sure though like the 26th of august or something like that.

so people have a great summer, drink a lot of alcohol, have a lot of sex, or do a lot of what you like to do.